Don to koi! Bakumatsu – Meiji Project

Come on out to Ota City to try out the limited original rice bowls and visit the area associated with the legends of the Bakumatsu and Meiji Era, Saigo Takamori and Katsu Kaishu.

In the shopping streets around Ikegami Honmonji Temple, where Saigo and Katsu’s meeting took place, as well as in the Ikegami area, where Katsu had his cottage, some of the restaurants will be offering original rice bowls called “Katsu-don” and “Sego (Saigo)-don” for a limited time.  After having enjoyed the town walk tracing the history of the Bakumatsu-Meiji Era, fill your stomach with delicious “Katsu-don” and “Sego-don.”

Bakumatsu – Meiji Stamp Rally

From August 25th to November 30th, Ota City will be hosting a stamp rally campaign where you might win a round trip ticket to Kagoshima from Haneda on Japan Airlines.  To participate, you must collect 2 stamps from each area by ordering a “Katsu-don” and “Sego-don” at the designated locations and another stamp at each of Katsu and Saigo-associated locations.  Participants will then get to enter a lottery on November 23rd or 24th for a chance to win round trip tickets to Kagoshima as well as other local specialties.

For details, please refer to the “Bakumatsu – Meiji Stamp Rally” handbook distributed at the following locations or visit .

  • Ota City Tourist Information Center
    • M2F, 4-50-11, Kamata, Ota   Keikyu-Kamata Station
  • Shinagawa Tourism Association
    • Oi Itchome Kyodo Bldg. 1F, 1-14-1, Oi, Shinagawa       5 min walk from Oimachi Station
  • Taisho-yu
    • 1-21-6, Higashi-Kamata, Ota             5 min walk from Keikyu Kamata Station
  • Shinagawa Historical Museum
    • 6-11-1, Oi, Shinagawa          15 minutes walk from Oimachi Station
  • Senzokuike Lake Boat House
    • 2-15-5, Minamisenzoku, Ota              2 min walk from Senzokuike Station
  • Ikegami Honmonji
    • 1-1-1, Ikegami, Ota    10 min walk from Ikegami Station, 12 min walk from Nishimagome Station
  • Ota Folk Museum
    • 5-11-13, Magome, Ota            2 min walk from Mampukuji Bus Stop, 7 min walk from Nishimagome Station
  • Sannou Soudou Memorial Hall
    • 1-41-21 Sanno, Ota    15min walk from Omori Station


Shiosai-Tsukasa「Satsuma Kaisen-don」


Ningyocho Imahan Ikegami Honmonji-store 「Kagoshima Beef-don」

More Information

  • Saturday 25 August ~ Friday 30 November