Overview of Ota City

Ota Ward is located in the southeast of Tokyo and is surrounded by Tokyo Bay and the Tama River flowing from west to east. Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport), the air gateway to Japan, lies in Ota Citys coastal areas. Ota is growing as a base of exchange for people, goods, and information.

Ota Ward occupies the largest area of Tokyos 23 wards. While it is concentrated with the worlds leading manufacturing companies, it also has busy shopping streets and green residential areas. With beaches, rivers, and parks that allow enjoyment of the outdoors, Ota has been described as a microcosm of Tokyo. The full range of attractions offered by Japans history and traditional culture can be experienced in Ota, which is home to high-tech companies, masterful craftsmen, and bustling shopping streets.

  • A center of Japanese technology, the pride of the nation
    Ota Ward is a center for small-scale companies with advanced technology. With a wide range of products from smartphone parts to satellites, Ota is one of the worlds exceptional places for manufacturing and attracts a high level of consumer confidence and international acclaim.
  • A place to encounter the real face of Tokyo, full of vibrance and warmth
    Ota Ward has about 150 shopping streets, the largest number in the Tokyo city area.  Shop for reasonably priced fruits and deli-style dishes as you enjoy mingling with the friendly locals. You can enjoy the feeling of living in Japan.
  • A place that offers a wide range of food to enjoy
    Ota Ward has many unique shops offering delicious food. Even if you were to stay over a week, you would have no trouble enjoying delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • A place to enjoy Japanese bathhouse culture
    The appeal of bathhouses lies not just in being able to relax in a large tub. It is also lies in being able to communicate with other people. This is a unique lifestyle culture that has been nurtured by the Japanese people. Ota Ward has 45 bathhouses, the largest number in the Tokyo city area. What is more, about half of these are black water hot springs.May we suggest visiting a variety of different bathhouses to discover your favorite place?
  • A place to encounter nostalgic scenes
    Ota Ward is home to numerous historical sites that have played a role in Japans history, including Ikegami Honmonji Temple, which has a history of over 700 years. Here you will encounter scenes that will have you snapping photos before you even know it: waterside landscapes that look different in each of the four seasons, the bustling mood around Kamata and Omori stations at night, festivals in Haneda that have the feel of bygone fishing villages, or the rows of golden-leaved gingko trees that line the streets of Denen Chofu, Japans pre-eminent residential neighborhood.