Where to find info on Ota City


In addition to our official Ota Ward website, information on attractions and events in Ota Ward, reputable local restaurants and sweets shops, and so on can be found at the following locations. Feel free to stop by anytime. 1. Ota City Tourist Information Center This sightseeing hub that connects visitors with the city and [...]

HANEDA ⇔ OTA Enjoy Program


How about traveling through Haneda Airport the next time you visit Japan? Access to central Tokyo is very convenient from Haneda Airport and the surrounding area has many shopping streets and public baths allowing you to get a taste of the real Japanese lifestyle. When you check out of your hotel, and you still have a few remaining [...]

Ota City Free Wi-Fi


In anticipation of the influx of visitors arriving in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics, Ota City has now joined the ranks of locations in Japan that offer free Wi-Fi to travelers. The service covers multiple spots across the ward and is very easy to use. To access Ota’s free Wi-Fi network, users will need a [...]

Guide to Where to Stay

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Ota City’s proximity to Haneda Airport ensures a wealth of accommodation in the area with plenty to choose from depending on your budget, length of stay, and preferences. City Hotel, Business Hotel From large to small scale, Ota City consists of numerous hotels especially around Haneda Airport, Kamata Station and Omori Station. They are usually [...]

The First Sunrise of the Year in Ota City


During the Japanese New Year period (usually from Jan 1 to 7), many Japanese enjoy traditional New Year customs, such as eating New Year dishes with family and relatives and paying their first visit of the year to temples or shrines to pray for happiness and health.

About Ota City’s Hot Springs Resorts

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Quality and effects Hot springs can generally be categorized into those heated by volcanoes (volcanic hot-springs) and those heated geothermally (non-volcanic hot springs). Hot springs in Ota-ku fall into the latter. When prehistoric plants decay and eventually go through coalification, they create a stratum of lignite. When the water passes through this stratum, it [...]

How to Use a Sento or Onsen

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Ota Ward is home to one of the greatest concentration of sento (bathhouses) and natural onsen in Tokyo. To make the most of your experience, here is a handy guide on how to use an onsen: Take off your shoes when entering the bathhouse In most places, you’ll put them in a locker, either one [...]

Ikegami Honmonji Temple Half-day Itinerary

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1. Honmon-ji This hilltop temple complex, founded by famed Buddhist monk and teacher Nichiren, complex hides a host of important cultural buildings. The five-story pagoda is the oldest one in the Kanto Region and the stupa that holds the ashes of Nichiren is unique in Japan for its architectural design. In mid-October, the temple precincts [...]