Top 3 Festivals in Ota City Not to Miss


The Haneda Shrine dates back more than 800 years to the Kamakura Period and these days with its proximity to Haneda International Airport, many visitors to the shrine go to pray for air travel safety.

Recommended Spots in Ota City for Autumn


One of Japan’s most striking seasons is autumn, where the maple leaves turn deep red and the ginko leaves shine bright gold.

Ota City – A Great Place to Explore Traditional Japan


Tokyo is a vast metropolis, with endless modern entertainment and excitement. There is so much going on that it can be hard to decide what to do. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to spend your day in the city, then look no further than Ota City Tourist Information Center.

Ota City – A Delight for All the Senses

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Discover a Hidden Side to Tokyo Ota city is packed with fun experiences, places and great food and, once you visit, you’ll meet great people too. If you want to imagine how you could spend your time in Ota city, then these 1-minute videos will give you some great ideas. Sensory Exploration If you want [...]

Souvenirs from Ota City

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Ota City is considered one of Tokyo’s top manufacturing zones, with both modern products and traditional crafts created in the area’s workshops and factories.

Summer in Ota City


“Hot town, summer in the city … “. The words to a well-known American classic rock song could have been written specifically about Tokyo in the warmer months. While summer in Japan is often a sweltering affair, there are still plenty of places you can go to either escape or enjoy the weather. Omori Furusato [...]

Ten Hints for a Pleasant Private Lodging

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For guests of an Ota City certified private lodging With Ota City certified private lodging, you will stay in a private house in Ota City, but your host will not live together with you. These ten hints will help you have a pleasant first lodging in a Japanese private house. You may find yourself at [...]

What is Ota City certified private lodging?

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What is Ota City certified private lodging "Ota District National Strategic Special Zone for Foreign Guest Boarding Facility Management Business"? Ota City is a "Strategic Special Zone for Foreign Guest Boarding Facility Management Business" which provides a certified private lodging service for foreign guests to stay in suitable facilities within the National Strategic Special [...]

Ota in all Seasons


With its natural beauty and its unique festivals, Tokyo’s Ota Ward is the perfect destination no matter the time of year. Each season hosts a variety of events that will delight both visitors and residents alike. Spring Sakura (cherry blossoms) have long been the herald of spring in Japan and the banks of the Tama [...]

How to Enjoy Shotengai

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Walking around Ota City, it’s easy to forget that Tokyo is a megacity. This quiet corner of the capital feels more like a collection of villages, where neighbors still stop to chat and parks and gardens fill with the sound of children at play. If you want to enjoy a slice of life in one [...]