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A very popular restaurant among locals, featuring "gyoza with wings." Great variety of dishes available.   Getting there 4min. walk from JR Kamata Station   More information 5-13-26, Kamata, Ota-ku 03-3730-7811 11:30~22:30 (L.O.) End of December until beginning of January


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The founder of the "gyoza with wings," which refers to the shape of the gyoza, giving it a crispier texture compared to the standard ones. This delicious type of gyoza has become a specialty in the Kamata area. Other homemade Chinese dishes are served as well.   Getting there 2 min. walk from [...]


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Unagi/Tempura restaurant since 1966, near Keikyu Kamata Station. Try their unagi and tempura dishes in a modern-Japanese atmosphere.   Getting there 3 min. walk from Keikyu Kamata Station     More information 1-22-6, Minamikamata, Ota-ku 03-3734-8620 11:00~14:00 17:00~21:00 Closed Tuesdays


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An established unagi restaurant since 1935. The unagi cooked with the secret sauce is exquisite.     Getting there 5 min. walk from JR Kamata Station   More information 7-63-2, Nishikamata, Ota-ku 11:30~21:00(L.O.20:30) Closed Tuesdays

Tonkatsu Tatsumi

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A famous tonkatsu restaurant--the only one in the Kanto region where you can try Akan pork from Hokkaido. Enjoy tonkatsu and hot pot dishes that use soft and juicy Akan pork. You can also enjoy making your own deep-fried skewers by dipping the pork into the fryers installed into the tables. (Reservation required)  [...]

Bustling Kamata at Night

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This neighborhood is an alluring area with unique shops. There are many delicious restaurants around Kamata Station and Keikyu Kamata Station, and the streets are thronged with office workers after work. There are more than 100 restaurants within a few minutes' walking distance, so it's easy to enjoy unique Japanese-style casual drinking on a self-styled [...]