Omusubi Wasabi


No longer do hungry travelers have to settle for convenience-store rice balls to save a few pennies. The newly-opened Omusubi Wasabi shop offers onigiri (rice balls) made fresh to order for around the same price as the prepackaged fare. Omusubi Wasabi offers three sizes of onigiri – small, regular and large – and a variety [...]

Garden Restaurant Sakura


The serene atmosphere of Ikegami Honmonji carries over to the beautiful Garden Restaurant Sakura, located at the rear of the temple complex. For those seeking a refined dining experience in a stunning setting, the Garden Restaurant Sakura more than fits the bill. The midday menu offers several options, the simplest being the one-plate lunch. Diners [...]

Bustling Kamata at Night

Activity, Food|

This neighborhood is an alluring area with unique shops. There are many delicious restaurants around Kamata Station and Keikyu Kamata Station, and the streets are thronged with office workers after work. There are more than 100 restaurants within a few minutes' walking distance, so it's easy to enjoy unique Japanese-style casual drinking on a self-styled [...]