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A shop owned and managed by Muhammad Yone, an active pro wrestler. Their specialities include food with juicy pork meat, and tasty ramen with seafood and pork bone-based soup. They also serve various alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy. Getting there 6 minute walk from Ikegami station (Tokyu Ikegami Line) More [...]

Fugu Izakaya Ota

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Serving Japanese sake and dishes, specialising in fugu (blowfish) cuisine. Enjoy the cozy Japanese atmosphere in the evening. Getting there 3 min. walk from Keikyu Zoshiki Station   More information 2-9-3, Higashirokugo, Ota-ku 03-3738-1397 17:00–23:00 Closed Wednesdays


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A cozy restaurant where you can eat Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price.  Quality chicken and beef from Fukushima Prefecture.  Vegetables sourced from Kamakura and seafood freshly picked at Ota market each morning. Received a commendation in the OTA Ichioshi Gourmet 2016.   Getting there 5 minutes on foot from JR Keihin Tohoku [...]


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Dine on the famous Omi Beef, fresh and perfectly safe to try raw. A great atmosphere comparable to a traditional Japanese house. A selection of Japanese sake and shochu is available, recommended by the owner.   Getting there 5 min. walk from JR Kamata Station   More information 7-26-9, Nishikamata, Ota-ku [...]

Dining Tsu-Fu

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A seafood-based original Japanese cuisine izakaya. Serves the first-class longtooth grouper as well as fish that the owner captured himself. Great variety of shochu and sake as well.   Getting there 5 min. walk from Keikyu Kamata Station     More information 2F, 5-26-6, Kamata, Ota-ku 03-5703-2828 [...]