Patisserie AKANE

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We specialize in celebrating the seasons while adding a touch of cuteness to our desserts.

Sesame Shop Iitomo

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Let's eat sesame because it's good for our health.

Ikegami Ikedaya

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Located along the pathway to the Ikegami Honmonji Temple, Ikegami Ikedaya is a long-standing confectionery specializing in Kuzu-mochi (mochi cakes).


Food, Sushi|

Senryu offers the best seafood at a reasonable price.

Takasago Sushi

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Opened in 1962, Takasago Sushi offers traditional Edo-style sushi (Edo-mae sushi).

Indian and Nepal Dining Bar Rosni

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Located conveniently, one minute walk from Ikegami Station.

Wagashi Kiyono


Desserts that are closely tied to local features are popular here.

Upper House


A British tavern where even ladies will love to visit alone.

L’epi D’or Denenchofu

Café, Food|

A pastry shop located on a quiet street in Denenchofu where beautiful ginko trees are aligned.

Taiyaki Yuukichi Maru


The "Taiyaki San Kyoudai" (The 3 Taiyaki Brothers) is a popular dessert that uses plenty of homemade sweet red bean paste made from Hokkaido Azuki Beans. The Oldest Brother Taiyaki is 26 cm for 600 Yen, the Middle is 16 cm for 250 Yen, and Youngest is 13 cm for 140 Yen. Bring the Oldest [...]