Take a Bath with Godzilla

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A public bathhouse in Tokyo's Ota ward is playing host to an offbeat collaboration with the movie Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence). The Dai-Ni Hinode-Yu bathhouse, which draws water from the area's unusual black hot spring, now features a landscape mural of Godzilla created by Mizuki Tanaka, Japan's only female bathhouse mural artist. Taking a bath [...]

Ikegami Honmonji Temple Oeshiki

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Ikegami Honmonji Oeshiki Festival is one of Tokyo’s most famous and memorable festivals, with a history dating back more than 730 years. The festival celebrates the anniversary of the death of famous Buddhist teacher and saint Nichiren. Oeshiki celebrations to honor Nichiren, founder of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism, occur around Japan in mid-October, but [...]

Senzoku-Ike Autumn Festival


Senzoku-ike is a relaxing park and pond area located in Northern Ota Ward. Senzoku-Ike is home to several yearly events throughout the season, but one of the best is the Autumn Festival held each year in early September (typically the first Sunday of September). During this time, tourists can explore Senzoku-Ike pond and shrine and [...]

Haneda Matsuri

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The annual Haneda Matsuri, or Haneda Festival, is held on the last week of July every year.

Kojiya Awa Dance


Kojiya Awa dance is known as a seasonal tradition of Ota city. Across 2 days, about 1,200 people cooperate and line up in 18 rows to cheer up the crowd with their dance. About 200 kids line up in 3 rows and dance as well. It is definitely a sight to see. Getting there Tokyu airport line [...]

Lanterns at Senzoku Lake


The lit lanterns in the darkness of the Senzoku lake illuminates a sense of warmth to those visiting. The beautiful reflection that shines on the water surface is a sight to behold.



Mizudome-no-mai is a traditional spiritual event that is known to “stop rain”, which has been around for about 680 years. People at Mizudome-no-mai blow a conch shell and wear the mask of a lion as they dedicate their dance to the dragon god. Date: July 14th, 2016 (13:00~15:00) Getting there JR Keihin‐Tohoku line [Omori station] East exit; [...]

Ikegami Honmonji Wind Chime Festival


Before the days of iced drinks and air conditioning, the Japanese resorted to several creative methods for staying cool in the summer heat.

Ota Expo at Haneda Airport


Haneda Airport (Domestic Terminal) will gather all of Ota city's charms together to host the “Ota Exposition at Haneda Airport” from June 11th 2016. This year will see the third edition of the exposition take place, with this year's theme based on local craftsmanship and Ota's sento bathhouses. Visitors will be able to witness and experience the traditional techniques used in workshops, see original paintings made by [...]

Cherry Blossoms in Ota City

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Between March and May each year is the season of Hanami, literally "flower viewing". This is the tradition of visiting and admiring the beauty of seasonal flowers, namely cherry and plum blossoms. From casual picnics to fairly large parties, drinks and meals are enjoyed under the trees, as people flock to the cherry blossom hotspots [...]